Experience Swiss Haute Cuisine 

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Connect your company, your brand, your story with the Swiss Haute Cuisine 

Maison des Chefs assists you in developing ideas, designing unique concepts and implementing sustainable, highly emotional and top quality guest experiences with the Swiss Haute Cuisine.


"You see how beautiful life is before a richly set table." Euripides.


At your place

We create top Haute Cuisine concepts at your destinations. Whether you celebrate an anniversary or invite to a launch. Top gastronomy at your location or branch network supports brand messages with impressive sensory experiences.

For special experiences

Programs for VIP's or groups create common experiences, demonstrate appreciation, give time for a good exchange, create real relationships and lasting connections. Whether short or long, our programmes bring you to the top caterers of Maison des Chefs and their local partners. Experience and enjoyment guaranteed!

For storytelling

Gourmet menus for individual storytelling combine value worlds such as tradition and modernity, craftmanship and quality, enjoyment and taste, effort and reward, regionality and internationality, earth and sky, intellect and heart. 




«Was das für ein befriedigendes Gefühl ist, Menschen glücklich zu machen. Und das mit einfachsten und ursprünglichsten Mitteln; KOCHEN und DIENSTLEISTER von Herzen zu sein

Jörg Slaschek, Restaurant Attisholz

17 Gault Millau Punkte, 1 Michelin-Stern


The Maison des Chefs offers a dual range of services. It is the only agency for national and international clients that exclusively offers Swiss Haute Cuisine. It sees itself as an event and experience service provider.


At the same time, the Maison des Chefs and its network ensure that top Swiss Haute Cuisine can offer sustainable, professional and effective connections to its customers. To this end, it promotes and supports top Swiss caterers in the areas of marketing, public relations and management.


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We combine a passion for excellence in performance, Haute Cuisine and its outstanding product environment as well as many years of professional experience with quality brands. 


"Creating space for bringing passionate people together."

Christian Schmed, Consultant

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More than 20 years of professional experience in product sales and in bringing people together. Out of conviction, through personal relationship, trust and emotion.

A passionate cook himself and very well connected, he has a personal relationship with the best chefs and hoteliers in Switzerland.

Trained as a hotelier and restoration specialist at the renowned EHL Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne.

"Creates connections and networks that are sustainable and positive." 

Martina Anderberg, Agency Manager

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Committed to the strategy and communication of brands and companies. In the course of her professional career, she managed several top media brands.


And her consulting agency DARWIN Insights und Strategien GmbH supports national and internal companies in strategy and organisational development.


Further studies in marketing, publishing management (sawi), brand management, change management (HWZ). 

"Giving space and depth through the value of cultural assets." 

Laura Blagho, Consultant

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Strong ties to culture and art thanks to her background as Global Head of Marketing & Communications at Art Basel. Has a strong understanding of brands, the ability to tell stories and produce experiences that surprise and delight. 


Looks back on many years of experience in management positions with focus on brand & product strategy, integrated marketing & communications, events & project management, sales & business development.

Completed a postgraduate education in Corporate Communications and holds an Executive MBA from IMD Lausanne.