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Switzerland has approximately 150 Haute Cuisine chefs with at least one Michelin star. Use this wide variety, the regional specialities and different personalities for your communication, innovation and storytelling.


We assist you with ideation, matchmaking, communication and project support. 


Media and public relations 
Interviews, campaigns, research, hosting


Strategy for companies, brands and products
Development, focus groups, ambassadors, concepts


Brands and corporate events, workshops for strategy, brand, change themes. Training and implementation of skills, values and goals

MAISON DES CHEFS promotes and utilizes Haute Cuisine by creating unique experiences. Our chefs are independent entrepreneurs, talented craftsmen and creative partners.

Haute Cuisine is always 100% quality. It creates deep, positive and lasting emotions. It is the chefs' characters and their unique styles that make their work incomparable. Their experienced voices are valuable sources of inspiration for keynotes and workshops. 

It is our competence to coordinate your needs with the best partners in Swiss Haute Cuisine and to accompany your projects through proper management in order to achieve your goals.