In the Service of Swiss Haute Cuisine

"We promote and support the Swiss Haute Cuisine in the areas of marketing, public relations and management.

With this, the craftmanship of our culinary ambassadors shall be strengthened sustainably, and gain awareness and image beyond the borders of the country. "

Maison des Chefs offers a diverse range of services for top Chefs and interested business partners. 

You are cordially invited to join us. Do get in touch, if you are

• a top Chef who would like to benefit from our services
• a producer or supplier for gastronomy
• an interested partner

We look forward to hearing from you.

Haute Cuisine and its significance for Switzerland

Swiss gastronomy in general enjoys an excellent reputation. The industry has a lot of potential and is an important factor for tourism and economy, as shown by the following data*:

  • Switzerland has the highest Michelin star density, in relation to the number of inhabitants

  • 118 of the 28 806 hotels and restaurants are among the top establishments, with at least one Michelin star

  • This is the stimulus for quality, perfection and craftsmanship for the entire industry

  • 210 000 people work in the hospitality industry

  • 8 472 are learners in gastronomy

  • The Swiss population spent HF 22.4 billion Swiss francs in 2016 for food and drinks outside home

  • Gastronomy is en vogue. It’s more than just a trend


On the other hand, Maison des Chefs finds that: 

  • The topic of communication and marketing is central and highly complex, also for the individual top Chef.

  • The proportion of Swiss guests has been rather constant in the recent years. The share of guests from abroad has increased considerably, especially from the People's Republic of China.

  • New Media has made gastronomy more accessible to guests. From  recommendations on social media to online booking via smartphone. But for the individual top Chefs and their restaurants, it means that fast, coherent communication channels and modern communication concepts are needed to cope with these trends. This requires a well-founded strategy, know-how and resources. 


It is our aim to support and enable top Chefs and the branch of Haute Cuisine to meet these requirements successfully. Because, despite of its great importance and its acknowledged high performance, the league of independent top Chefs are without a representation and service for marketing and communication tasks. This is where Maison des Chefs comes in.


* GastroSuisse Branchenpiegel 2016

Our vision

Maison des Chefs wants to offer a support platform to the Swiss top Chefs. Keeping their backs clear and pave the way for their daily work. And it wants to build platforms and offer new and interesting possibilities - outside of kitchen, cellar and restaurant.


Our proposal

Maison des Chefs provides a service platform with marketing, communications and management elements. It builds networks, creates cooperation, supports the creation, marketing and distribution of new products.


Our goal

Professional and reliable services will benefit all those involved. Above all the top Chefs as individuals and the Haute Cuisine as important economic and tourism industry in Switzerland are strengthened. Partners and sponsors have access to various platforms and services which opens these companies and brands access to high-quality, emotional value. Maison des Chefs connects the top chefs with the public, with partners as well as with their target groups, in a modern and versatile way.

Our motivation

The need for action is our reason to be. If Switzerland wants to present itself in its culinary attractiveness at home and abroad, both the individual representatives of Haute Cuisine and the industry as a whole benefit from the Maison.

What motivates us is our passion for top gastronomy and for the craftsmanship. This is to be strengthened and escorted into the future. We invite you to benefit from both our network and our competences in strategy, management and communication.

Maison des Chefs is an open house, you are very welcome.

Martina Anderberg

Strategy, Brand leadership, Marketing

Christian Schmed

Consulting and Development