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Experience Swiss Haute Cuisine 

«You see how beautiful life is before a richly set table. » Euripides


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Connect your company, your brand, your story with the Swiss Haute Cuisine.


Maison des Chefs helps you in developing ideas, designing unique concepts and implementing sustainable, highly emotional and uncompromisingly quality experiences with the Swiss Haute Cuisine.



Define your experience of Swiss Haute Cuisine. Choose from tasks and destinations, experiences and destinations. Haute Cuisine helps to create emotion and anchorage, to establish relationships and connections, in innovation and change topics, references origin and history for shaping the future. 


Emotions tie in with the familiar and support our decisions. Emotional openness strengthens our receptiveness, and new memories can be created.


Haute Cuisine can program new memories.


Shared experiences connect people, turn them into friends, confidants, partners. As a result, there is more resilience, a trusting relationship, an agreement on common goals. People benefit from appreciation and attention. 

Gastronomy creates community.


«Future needs origin» (Odo Marquard, German philosopher). Those who can draw from their DNA as a matter of course, act self-confidently, without obstacles and correctly. Both as a person and as a team or as a company. 

Through Haute Cuisine, personal or corporate stories are celebrated or reinterpreted. 


Bringing experiences and places into a new context can create an opportunity for open discussions of points of view or positions. For any transformation from starting points to new destinations and goals.

Gastronomy is a tool for innovation and change goals. 



A passionate craftsmanship with great charisma and attractiveness. Constant innovation and reliable excellent hospitality is what distinguishes Haute Cuisine.


Haute Cuisine chefs are successful team players, have strong leadership personalities, are routine consultants, teachers, ambassadors. They are reliable partners at important occasions, for companies, for innovation goals, service and hospitality strategies, team events or company and private parties.


The entrepreneurial understanding of independent Haute Cuisine chefs help them being true partners for companies and brands. And people accept gastronomy as a tool for processes or brand goals with openness and curiosity. Hence, Haute Cuisine is an emotional mediator for stories, values, culture and community.


Companies, agencies or private customers can find concepts to emphasize community in companies or in groups. Others want to find common ground, share values and celebrate culture.


For companies, the dictum is "Culture eats Strategy for breakfast" (Peter Drucker, US economist). Culture and values signify security. This supports attentiveness and strength in teams, and it forms a shared will.


Nothing unites people more than shared values and a common understanding of culture. The ability and will to find and celebrate common ground is a key success factor for change and innovation.


Developing the future from within. Taking your own locations and points of view as a starting point. Dealing with oneself strengthens understanding and thus, among other things, creates the starting point for innovation.


Destinations are places where you want to go. This applies to a journey as a private person as well as a company, a team or a community. They are destinations, they are regions, terroir, a place or a state.


There is no standstill. On the other hand, the place where one is and the place where one wants to go can be identified. If the means to get there is inviting, because it is both understandable and attractive, people move from their point of view to their destination. 

Haute Cuisine can give momentum to change situations, because they feel both understandable and attractive.


Events that can be told as stories, from person to person. Analog or digital. Unique, exclusive, individual.

Authentic experiences help to distinguish. They make the difference, they create connection. This enables storytelling from person to person. Right up to distribution via various media and a potential broad reach. 

Experiences are a sought-after element, because they keep the senses awake, promote the drive and motivation. Shared experiences promote friendship.


 Connect your company, your brand, with Haute Cuisine. Create experiences that unite and write stories that will be told.


MAISON DES CHEFS helps you develop ideas, find the perfect partnership, create unique concepts and implement sustainable, highly emotional and uncompromisingly high-quality experiences for companies, teams, guests, partners - people.

Thank you for your message!



Maison des Chefs has a dual service offer. And it is the only agency for national and international clients that offers exclusively Swiss Haute Cuisine.


We are bridge builders, brand strategists, branding specialists, change managers, workshop partners, marketing professionals and creative sparring partners. To ensure that events, experiences and emotions create positive and lasting memories.


At the same time, Maison des Chefs and our network support Swiss Haute Cuisine chefs in their long-term, professional and effective relationship with customers. For this purpose, we promote and support chefs of Swiss Haute Cuisine in the areas of marketing, public relations and management.


«Was das für ein befriedigendes Gefühl ist, Menschen glücklich zu machen. Und das mit einfachsten und ursprünglichsten Mitteln; KOCHEN und DIENSTLEISTER von Herzen zu sein

Jörg Slaschek, Restaurant Attisholz

17 Gault Millau Punkte, 1 Michelin-Stern


#HauteCuisine #Culture #Values #Event #Emotion #Art


Start of the partnership between Steinbeisser and MAISON DES CHEFS for immersive and experimental gastronomy concepts



Our mission:

"by Steinbeisser" Launch in Switzerland

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#grandchef #culture #brand #strategy 

@georgeswenger @maisonwenger @jeremydesbraux

The IT company opens up for new markets and topics. To launch this initiative, they present vision, strategy, values and logo on an off-site day.


Our assignment:

Organize the day for the entire crew, anchor new values with workshops and key notes, organize appropriate catering

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#HauteCuisnie #communication 

@Maison Wenger @jeremydesbraux

The Restaurant Georges Wenger becomes Maison Wenger


Our assignment

Wording, controlling of the website in german 

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Launch of the new corporate strategy to the management from the three different locations.

Our assignment: Programming of two workshops, stress test of the strategy and stakeholder perspectives. Workshop with top gastronomy for the launch of the corporate values. Fine Dining Closing

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Weltklasse Zürich, international athletics meeting, is launching new events in connection with elite sport.


Our assignment:

event positioning, scouting, briefing and facilitation of the key note


#Hautecuisine#Opening #Luxurybrand #PublicRelations #Brand #Coaching

@dariocadonau @thomasbissegger

The luxury car brand LAGONDA launches its first global brand space in Zurich with a top restaurant under Signature Chef Dario Cadonau and Executive Chef Thomas Bissegger.


Our assignment: Consulting on communication strategy for top restaurant, wordings, CV's, press releases, media research, organisation of soft opening tests.

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#Brand #HauteCuisine #communication #strategy


A generation change and taking over the lease of the famous  fine dining restaurant Schlüssel in Mels.


Our assignment: Development of CI/CD strategy with the new tenant, evaluation of the implementation partners and project management of logo development and website design. Creation of press dossiers and media list.

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#Partners #Strategy #Network 

@Markus Kramer

Brand Affairs is an agency specialising in brand strategy, communication and reputation management in Zurich and Lausanne. 


Our mission:

Consulting in Haute Cuisine topics, planning and organisation of workshops, communication.

Internalize values? Working as a team? Bringing culture together? Disrupting hierarchies? Sharing experiences? Train innovation and agility?



Connect people!

Sparking emotions!


Contact #Hautecuisinecandothis

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